Am i wrong for feeling this way?


I have a six-year-old from a previous relationship. Me and my husband have been trying For what feels light forever now with no luck. After switching my OBGYN Twice and finally Finding one that listens to me I thought things would get better. We are at the point that you name it we have tried it. <a href="">Tracking ovulation</a>, testing his sperm, testing me, fertility vitamins, fertility drinks, any wives tales we find. To still no luck. So i scheduled an appt to be put on fertility meds since its the only thing we haven't tried. So my obgyn said we needed to do another check up before he puts me on meds, everything comes back the same as it always has. The ONLY thing the can find "wrong" is a small hormonal imbalance (said its only 2 points out of range) which he said could cause miscarriage and said when i do get pregnant he will put me on a baby aspirin but i could start taking one now as a precaution. When i had my appt to discuss the results he said he is going to schedule me for another surgery where they Re open my fallopian tubes and also run dye through them. And it would make me super fertile for 6-8 months after. I had this surgery already in 2017 (where he also scraped out my uterus) and still no luck and was in horrid pain for weeks. I'm so scared to have the surgery again due to pain and fear it will fail like it did the first time. I wanna be able to atleast try meds since it's the only thing we haven't tried but im afraid of sounding selfish or sound like I'm over stepping since hes the doc and i am not. Am i wrong for feeling like this? Its just so defeating having hope every cycle to be let down again. And my surgery won't be til months 😥