Would you leave your long term partner if you don't have sex often because of health reasons?

To be correct I'm the one with the problems and sometimes we don't have sex for 1 or 2 months. We never have sex everyday even though I want it but I can't do it :( I feel very desperate and I'm afraid he will leave me because of this. We are together for few years and this is happening the last 2 and a half. I feel so bad because I'm not the perfect girlfriend and can't be intimate with him in the frequency I would want to. He's understanding and never made it a problem, but it's a problem for me. No one will love me like this. The only thing I'm good in is in college 😐 I'm also very insecure about my looks, I'm not overweight but I think I'm ugly. I'm good in my heart and I'm trying to be the best girlfriend I can but he can sometimes react impulsively to some things I do like when we joke and I accidentally scratch him because I have long nails, but i think the way he reacts is because he's triggered by my looks because as I said I'm not the prettiest and with these issues I'm having the past years I feel like our sex life is dying!!! In the first phrase in our relationship we had the BEST sex life ever and since these problems I can't even relax at sex anymore

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