can i have some advice 🥺


Is it bad if you feel like you’ve tried everything and sound like a broken record with your boyfriend? I feel like I am getting nowhere. I tell him how i feel and he says “that’s ALL you do, all you do is tell me how you feel” like if it’s annoying. i tell him that i’m so tired and he sends me long messages that he’s going to change..we have one baby together and ttc #2 and sometimes i feel like he gets annoyed when trying bc he says “it feels more forced than normal” i don’t even know what to do anymore ladies 😭 I’ve always wanted a lot of kids and by that i mean 4 kids. He says “we’ll see about four kids” it’s like we’re total opposites.

i need advice and if you’re going to be rude, i’ll simply report you. I’ll love opinions of women that have been through this before and what was their outcome