Pregnant with PCOS after 3 years!!!

MM • 30. Married. Pug mom. 👼🏻 7/14/20. 👶🏻 8/5/21 🌈

I never in my wildest dreams thought this would ever happen for us.

After Hashimotos, male factor sperm morphology, PCOS, and having longer cycles (35 days) making it harder to time ovulation at times.

3 years later the Lord has finally blessed us and it happened when we least expected it. I was completely blind sided.

I was about to go on Metformin or Clomid next.

Ladies please don’t give up!!!

His timing is perfect as cliche as it sounds.

All the odds were against us.

Yet he made a way where there was no way. Anything is possible with him if you just give it to God. I even went on a 3 day spiritual water fast and half way through I found out about the miracle I was fasting for!!! My period was due this weekend but as I was fresh out of the shower and about to change our sheets, I felt a sudden urge to test and to my disbelief I saw a faint line. Told my husband to pick up some more tests. That included this little digital. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking.

What I did differently:

I got diagnosed with PCOS 3 months ago and my doctor put me on Inositol, I went on a low carb, sugar free diet, and did intermittent fasting 16-36 hours a day.

My husband took zinc and vitamin D but wasn’t rechecked again.

I never thought it would happen this fast for us post PCOS diagnosis, but God is a miracle worker! Thank you Jesus! 🙏