Are we wrong?

Ok, not pregnancy related but... I need to know if we are in the wrong.

My husband and I sold our RV about a week ago, we only had it a year and had a couple small issues with it that we fixed ( new spark plugs and fuel line) its a 1976. It’s actually in amazing shape inside and was hardly used, we would have kept it but have a baby and will be starting home renos soon.

Anyways, the girl who bought it came over twice and checked it out, my husband hooked up electrical, propane, water etc... they took it on two test drives, she brought a friend to help her look at it etc

She was going to get a mechanical inspection and than decided not to, I told her that was at her risk. So she bought the motorhome.

Next day one tire blew, in good faith we got her a new one. About a week later it broke down and cost her $500.... now she is texting saying it wasn’t in good condition etc etc

She is using the motorhome as her residence and vehicle so it’s always running, I don’t know what she’s done with it and she opted not to get a mechanical inspection.

I understand this sucks for her but for us we never had issues... am I wrong just to tell her to stop texting me as it’s not our issue to deal with or ?