My Little Honey🐝 Was Born July 9th!!

Danielle • Endo Warrior🎗29•My🎀Kemani Born:7•9•20

This is an update from my early labor post and contractions!! LONG POST!! I'm a FTM and this is my birth story that I can finally share. Tuesday I went into early labor after I noticed contractions started to become more regular after 9AM and the times started being close together as the day went by. "My" contractions felt like period cramps on 1000 and my stomach would get hard around my baby. I went to L&D Tuesday night around 7 and they saw the contractions but I wouldn't dilate so I was sent home. Wednesday morning went back cause I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore and still got sent home cause I was only 1.5 cm dilated still.🙄 They gave me a pill and a shot for pain and that was it which did absolutely nothing at all for my contractions like they said. Y'all I was in tears cause at this point they kept getting worse, I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat or anything. Showers nor baths helped either. So since the meds only made me drowsy I tried to nap in between contractions which were about 2-5 minutes apart. I finally started feeling pressure down there and contractions were horrible and all I wanted to do was sit on the toilet to get some relief. I'm thankful that her dad was around through this process even though we don't get along. & he was like let's just go back to hospital cause I can't keep seeing like you this. I had the hardest time getting to the car and in the hospital cause my contractions were so hard and kept coming and the pressure down low was getting worse. They said oh you're back like yeah. I said something isn't right it's much more pain. They said well you know what to do and soon as they checked me I was 5cm dilated and I said please say I can be admitted now and can I please get an epidural 🥺🥺 she said we will get all the orders ready mama just hang in there you're doing great. So I'm just calmly getting through the contractions and was wheeled to our delivery room. Had labs done and in no time they were ready with the epidural. It is hard to stay still if you're getting an epidural during a contraction but if you block out the pain you can do it. Mannn that epidural was a life saver. I was trying to be a G but I couldn't. I slept so good for the first time in 3 nights. But my baby's heart slowed down twice and I had to be put on oxygen twice to bring her heart rate back up which was the scariest thing cause I was sleep both times while they all started rushing in. They called my doctor around 7am cause I stuck at 6 cm and she said she would shower and come in and break my water. She made it around 8 and by the time I was 8 cm. She broke my water in which it didn't hurt but I felt so much stuff gushing out. Before I knew it it was time to push. Oh, I did poop while pushing and they just cleaned it up and we continued lol. I did maybe 4-5 sets of three pushes and she was out. I got a second degree tear and stitches cause her shoulder got stuck but I really enjoyed getting my babe here. Soon as she popped on my chest I started crying. It was the best feeling ever! I highly recommend skin to skin and delayed cord clamping. The pushing on the stomach after birth only hurt a little bit it was to make sure all the afterbirth and stuff was out. Overall it was a great experience and I wouldn't change it for the world! My baby girl, Kemani Ann, was born at 9:40AM July 9th just 3 days before her due date. She weighed 7lbs 6oz, 19 inches long with a head full of long curly hair. We came home Saturday.