Physical symptoms of anxiety


I’m not diagnosed with anxiety though the doctor at school said I should be in medication for anxiety but just gave me beta blockers for my performance anxiety (I’m a music major).

Lately I’ve been having heart burn almost everyday and every once and a while I’m a bit nauseous too. There was only once that I thought I was actually going to throw up (when I went through a pregnancy scare and it only happened when I was freaking out about it - now that I think about it, maybe it was a panic attack? I think I’ve as a few of them before but always different symptoms like my body going numb or hyperventilating)

The last few months have been rough - two family members pasted away, some fights with other family members (I never fight with them), a preg scare a few months ago, transition to online, summer research (that I’ve been looking forward to for years) was canceled and I’m so worried about what fall semester will look like. Could the nausea and heart burn be from anxiety?