Sleeps at night in bassinet but not during the day


My LO is 7 weeks old and does great sleeping in his bassinet at night but won’t nap long in it during the day. At night he goes down for bed around 8/830 and sleeps until 12/1ish. Then after feeding sleeps again until 4ish and then feeds again before back awake for the day around 630am. Those are really great stretches at night that I am happy with for now given his age, but he will not sleep longer than 20 min in his bassinet during the day for naps. We have light blocking curtains, sound machine, and we swaddle him. He even puts himself to sleep for naps. I will rock him sometimes if he needs a little help getting drowsy but for the most part I can lay him in there and he closes his eyes after a few minutes and he’s asleep for ONLY 20 min! Then he wakes screaming and will not go back to sleep even after multiple attempts. If I hold him and put him on my chest during the day or lay him down next to me he will sleep for 2 hours. How can I get him to sleep longer during the day in the bassinet. I don’t understand why he wakes so quickly. He is a bit of a loud sleeper and makes all kinds of sounds that I feel like he almost maybe wakes himself up.