Sleep Paralysis while pregnant

allie • mommy to an angel baby 👼🏼 girl mom 👶🏼🌈

i’m 9w and 6d currently and for the past two weeks i’ve had sleep paralysis probably four or five times now and it’s just getting worse. one was very very scary and freaky. one time was quick and easy and this mornings time was just awful. i was dreaming that i was having it while having it. i dreamed that my husband got someone to come check on me while sleeping since i’m pregnant and he worries about me having it, and the person can to my side and started to talk (don’t remember what they said) i quickly started screaming for my husband in the dream and he ran in here through the bathroom and began to yell at me. that made me like gasp really loud almost like a scream and i woke up. my heart was racing! and i dont know if it’s safe while pregnant i’m worried about the baby. it’s always right after my husband leaves for work he kisses me bye and it sort of wakes me up even the days he’s rushing and forgets to kiss me i’ll wake up from the garage door opening so theres no way getting around it. i know it’s from waking up and trying to fall back asleep but is there anything that can help this, with covid it’s already so hard to get a doctors appointment it could take months right now they acted all booked up when i was scheduling my US 🙄😒 someone please help me