Possible egg allergy?


I gave my son scrambled eggs this morning (he’s had them before so this isn’t his first time trying them) and he only had a little - when I cleaned him up he vomited but I thought nothing of it because maybe he just gagged on a piece. But then he threw up 5 more times in the following hour. Projectile vomit 🤮 it was mostly his breastmilk because he had such little egg. About an hour after that he was playing as normal but had a looser poop.

He doesn’t and didn’t have any rash or hives or swelling - the only signs he gave me of a possible allergy would be the vomiting and loose poop. I always thought allergies would always come with a rash?

His pediatrician office was absolutely useless when I called - I’m annoyed at their response which was “we can’t tell you what to do and the doctor won’t be able to get back to you for several hours, sorry.”

Does this sound like an allergic reaction though? I’m so worried to feed him anything now. He had eggs a couple days ago and zero reaction so this is so random to me. No one in either of our families has food allergies.

Also, no fever and didn’t seem sick this morning. Seems fine now too.