I have PCOS, now what?

After a year of TTC with no luck I finally went to the doctor. Under disbelief of my original diagnosis per my doctor from general check up/exams that I was “normal” I asked for a sono and that’s when he saw that I have enlarged ovaries with multiple follicles on each. I cried. Not entirely sure why. But it felt like my dream was shattered. Anyway now that I’m done crying...What am I supposed to do now?

For instance, I didn’t know we are supposed to do LOW IMPACT work outs bc I have PCOS. I saw it was because high impact cause stress and high insulin which I’m supposed to avoid. What other information am I missing?!!! I don’t even know where to begin. I just feel like there’s no hope. I’m so scared to “be patient” thinking oh pregnancy isn’t 100% impossible my time will come when it comes. What if I’m fucking 40 years old by then?! Or what if I miss the chance altogether? This shit sucks. I don’t even know what I’m asking in this post. I’m just sad lol!! ☹️ why am I broken