What do you do if your toddler doesn’t eat?

What do you do if they don’t eat dinner? Do you give them something else? Do you just not feed them then? Do you give them milk before bed?

What if they don’t eat lunch either?

My 22 month old used to eat EVERYTHING! Now he’s super picky. Today before dinner as soon as I put him in the high chair and he seen what was on his plate he started crying and tried to get out. So I gave him a few crackers hoping that would give him more of an appetite.

Well it didn’t work. He just kept asking for more crackers so I said no more crackers you have to eat your dinner and gave showed him his food and again he started crying and started playing/throwing his food. So I ended up just making him a peanut butter and jam sandwich because he will actually eat it.

Im so tired of being stressed about him not eating and about planning our meals around what he likes. Today he didn’t want his breakfast either...

What should I do in situations like this?