Does any mom have a child with autism?

Angels Mommy

I would really like your input. The area where I live, cases of COVID don’t seem to be improving . My son has autism and he is four years old and he was about to start his aba therapy before quarantine started. It’s been 5 months since all this happen and I’m not sure should start his ABA therapy or wait it out a little longer? I’m SUPER nervous with all this going on. I haven’t took my son out in public places and I’m very picking on who can get close to my son. But lately his behavior has been alittle uncontrolling and I just keep thinking... am I doing the right thing?

Last time I spoke with my sons coordinator, she said it was all up to me. That they will be following cdc guild lines like wear mask, take off shoes and wash hands. But Im still uncertain.

Can I have any special needs parent input on this? 😩