He made me cry


In a good way tho! We have been budgeting lately to try to save up for the upcoming wedding and eventually a down payment.

Well his 10 year high school reunion is this weekend and we decided to go buy 1 outfit each to look our best. I dont really dress up EVER. I'm like the epitome of tomboy lol. I'm in b-ball shorts and t shirts 99% of the time lol

So he told me we should go ahead and put about 150 from our savings into the checking account to have enough to cover the splurge spending. I was like "nah...no way we'll spend over 100. Theres plenty in our account to not transfer anything" and he said ok we'll see.

Wellllllll turns out he was right of course and I ended up getting 2 shirts, pants and a necklace and he stuck to the agreed-upon one outfit. Spent 200 bucks total. He pulled his I-told-you-so out of his back pocket and I was apologizing because I felt really bad and like a hypocrite for going over our budget.

He handled it like a fucking king and said "babe, I'm not even mad! Whatever we have to do to get you to dress up more" (like I said, I dont so it hardly ever)and he said "you have no fucking idea how beautiful you are and when you dress up, I just cant stop staring at you and I'm so tired of you thinking you're ugly! Its OKAY that we spent extra on you. you deserve it"

I instantly started crying lol ugh he has no idea how much that meant to me.

Just wanted to share a nice story with you guys to help us all remember that there are some wonderful men out there! But not mine! Lolll he's taken!! Hahah


Heres some of the outfits I tried on lol I ended up getting the black shirt, Jeans, and the gray one with no sleeves. I liked the pink one too but he hated stripes hahaha. I will NOT be wearing that hideous blue bra with it btw lol I bought a nude strapless bra to go with it lol. I know they're not like insanely cute or anything, I'm pretty simple with my style lol

Bought a necklace to go with the gray one but didnt get a photo with it