He blew up at me

My bf and I have been together for 2 years. His cousin has been staying with him for the past couple of months while on vacation. He’s leaving on Saturday. My bf said to me “He’s leaving and now I’m going to be lonely” so I said “wow I guess I’m just a piece of shit then”. I said what I said out of hurt because I feel like he doesn’t want me around as much anymore. Before, he used to call me at 8am so I could go over and we could sleep together and spend the whole day together. Now I barely see him and when I do it’s for like 10 minutes. I’ve already spoken to him about it but he says he’s busy with work and so am I and that there’s no secret reason as to why we don’t spend as much time together anymore. I just don’t believe that. He began to curse at me which was unnecessary. I told him I was wrong for what I said and he said the apology seemed “forced” and he still continued to curse at me and say that I was fucking pissing him off. I wasn’t even arguing with him, I kept saying “ok” and he just kept getting mad trying to prove his point. I’m just jealous that he wants to be around other people (his friends and family) for an extended amount of time but won’t give me the same anymore.

Also wanted to add that I feel like all he does is throw his money at me but he’s rarely with me physically. Even when he had days off he would spend it with his cousin and his friends. He was with them every minute as they work together and they play sports together (which is optional). He NEVER wants to leave their side. He can’t get enough of them, but then spends 10 minutes with me and decides it’s enough? How is that ok?

I didn’t curse at him but ok