Daycare Issues

I’m hoping to get some outside opinions regarding our daycare so that way we can make a logical choice. My husband and I made the difficult decision to keep our daughter in daycare during the initial phases of COVID-19. When I say we loved the daycare we LOVED the daycare.  but COVID-19 started to make the daycare have small changes over time. The first change that we experienced was the changing of the hours of operation from 6:30 to 6 PM to 8 AM to 6 PM. Both my husband and I at the time we’re working full-time I started my day at 7 AM and he started his day at 7:30 AM. I changed my work schedule to accommodate the daycare. My husband is the one that would usually take our daughter to daycare as his job lines up with the Daycare location. Since they changed their schedule I am taking her to day care and I’m having to drive an extra hour five times a week. This is a lot considering my normal gas consumption is basically zero. For the Fourth of July we were planning on going out of town to visit family. Because our family members are high-risk we decided to pull our daughter out of daycare for two weeks. Our daycare‘s policy is generally that they will provide one week free in a rolling 12 month period. When we requested this they told us that they already used all of their vacation time for the parents that withdrew their children during the initial phases of COVID-19. We ended up having to pay $600 for the two weeks that she wasn’t even there. When we got back and checked my email and we noticed that the social distancing standards that they stated they were going to be upholding we’re not being practiced well. In addition to that some of their workers had masks but weren’t wearing them properly and there’s weren’t wearing masks at all. In the state where I’m from currently there is a mandate that every business have people over the age of 10 wear masks. This was also required of the daycare prior to the mandate being placed by the government. No coming back from vacation having $600 that we paid them without using them and then seeing this set me off and made me want to pull her out of daycare immediately. My husband was a little more levelheaded about it and said let’s give it some time and see if it levels out. Last weekend my husband explained that they opened up their early hours again. I decided this morning that I was going to stop by about 10 minutes early and discuss with them changing our hours as well as our billing payments. They were like sure no problem on those changes but then they said they were going to charge us an additional five dollars for bringing our daughter in early today. Mind you by the time I was done talking to them it was basically the regular time for her to go into the daycare. I feel like this Daycare is just trying to nickel and dime us and they don’t care about the loyalty that we’ve had to them. My husband is now on the same page because of this. I’m currently working from home and feel like I would be able to watch our daughter and work at the same time. This would save us $300 a week. Are we overreacting? Would you withdraw your child if you were in the same situation? Any feedback is appreciated.