how can i become a better kisser?


hello beautiful people! i am 16 and have never had a boyfriend before until now. he is legitimately my first everything. i had my first kiss with him and my first time cuddling was with him.

my very first time kissing him was so nerve wracking that i didn’t move my lips at all. due to that, i’ve been really scared to kiss him. he just stares into my eyes and it’s so intense and i don’t know how to handle it. i do want to kiss him too but i’m just really terrified and nervous.

we were able to actually kiss a couple times yesterday but i want to learn how to do better. for example, i noticed how he would run his hand over my back of rest his hand my waist and i just loved it more. i want to make him feel loved and feel good too.

if you could please help a girl out, that would be much appreciated. thank you so much, lovelies! 😊❤️