Feeling guilty already


My mom was a stay at home mom growing up, and I loved my childhood. She is the most amazing mom to me still, and im so blessed that she’ll even be watching my child full time when I go back to work.

I work at a daycare where my hours are 9-6. I already feel so guilty that i will spending so much time away my baby and he’s not even here yet. I think another factor to this is I watch other people’s kids all day who say they miss their parents, and I’ll be doing the same to mine, while I spending time with other kids that are not my son.

I do need to work to contribute to our dual income house with my husband so staying home is not an option right now. I do love my job, I’m just worried how things will change once my little one gets here. Anyone else struggling with this?

My maternity leave is only 6 weeks unpaid, I’m worried that won’t be enough time especially since I’m looking at having a c-section.

Everything in my house is ready to go and I’m prepared, but mentally this is weighing on me so much