Corona virus 😡


So my mother in law was exposed to the virus over the weekend. She was with her niece who tested positive this morning.

MIL thought that if she went and tested negative that we’d still allow her to come over and is now pissed that I said see ya in two weeks. Only a matter of time before she tries to convince my husband otherwise.

I have two little kids, I’m pregnant and have a surgery scheduled for Friday they won’t do if there is any chance I’ve been exposed. We cannot take any chances.

And now my mommy hormones are on fire and I’m worrying about when the baby is here. I feel like even if she is exposed then she will lie about it so she can still see the baby.

She gave my second child RSV at 3 weeks old bc she lied and said it was just allergies 🙄


Anyone else dealing with having to keep family away? I don’t want to seem mean but it’s my job to protect this family...