Should a family forgive their daughters abuser

So my mums ex fiancé beat her up one day he has done this before but this time it was extra bad he slammed her face in to a car window all the glass broke in to her skin he broke her nose her lip was hanging off he had ripped half of her hair out and she had a cut around her neck where he had tried to strangle her with something and it had dug in and all her body was black and blue he also did all this in front of their 7 year old daughter who is now transitioned and her teachers are saying she is withdrawn and they are noticing a change in her. I live with my grandparents to my mums parents and he just keeps turning up at the house everyday as if everything is normal just walking around helping himself to food and drinks and staying for hours thinking he has the right. I think he shouldn’t be allowed here at all and that my family shouldn’t allow it but they don’t seem to care

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