Help I feel like crap!!!!


Posted in another group but never got answers. So I am trying really hard not to test (my period is in 2 days) and my symptoms keep piling up:

-Extreme fatigue (I got tired from washing a water bottle 🙄)

-tight uncomfortable feeling in lower abdomen (not painful just weird)

-TMI!!! My vagina feels like I got rug burn on it haha like very dry but I am producing white thick CM

-painful to the touch nipples

-heavy boobs

-started feeling a little nausea today but didn’t make me puke

-minor heart palpitations on and off

Has anyone else experienced this and got a bfp? Should I test tomorrow morning or wait until Thursday when I miss my period.

I feel like I never had this many symptoms before my period. Could be a weird cycle but idk