Confused. Comments and advice please.

I'm new to glow, I downloaded it when we decided we wanted to try for a baby (like last week). We were so excited and impatient that I didn't finish the last 2 weeks of my BC. So obviously my AF came earlier than it was supposed to which means my ovulation days changed as well. First my ovulation days were about a week after my period and now glow is saying it will start the day after my period ends which doesn't make sense, right? I did get an ovulation test so I'm not going to rely on just glow. Also, I did have my annual scheduled for November (at my ob/gyn you have to schedule months in advance) but now the day I scheduled would be a period day if my period stays on the schedule it's on now. Should I go ahead and change the appointment or wait it out to see if my AF changes or I happen to get a bfp (high hopes I know).