I just have to rant real quick!


I had told all my coworkers except for one that I’m pregnant. I didn’t tell this one lady because she’s a very nosey person and likes to get into everyone’s business. Well yesterday, my manager went out to me and told me that this coworker told her “did you know that Emily is pregnant?” And I’m like WHAT??? How the hell did she find out? Omg I was so mad. My manager already knew I was pregnant but what if she didn’t?

What gave this lady the right the tell my manager my business? What made her think it was okay for her to be the first person to tell her that I’m pregnant? To top it off, she also told some customers!! Telling my coworkers is one thing but customers? This just proves my point on how nosey this lady is. So when she came in, I had to tell her something. Her excuse was “ well you should be careful who you tell your secrets to” I told her that if I found out she was telling other people, I was going to report her to corporate. I’m not one to start trouble with my coworkers but she just got me so mad and I felt like I just had to stand my ground. My manager was also very happy that I told her something. She said “hopefully she learned her lesson” lmao