Just be honest with me and tell me what's going on!!!!!

I'm annoyed. I'll give a bit of a back story but try to keep it short.

My boyfriend has 2 kids with his ex wife. I have 1 kid with my ex boyfriend.

A week ago my boyfriend said let's do date night since stuff is opening (dinner on patios)

I said great baby. I said you call and make a reservation and we will do that whenever. He said ok I will.

Two days ago (Thursday night) he said im gonna call the restaurant and make a reservation for Saturday when I get off work. I said awesome just tell me the time when you do.

Today at about noon he texts and asks if I'm gonna be home this afternoon. I said no, im just at my parents place (they live 15 minutes from me and about 10 minutes from him). He messaged back. Well what about our dinner tonight? I replied with you never confirmed dinner tonight like you never said ok Saturday at 7pm lol. Then asked what time did you make the reservation for dinner because I'll leave my son with my parents.

No answer. From noon. No response.

At about 8 pm (which was 8 hours later people) I sent off another text like so is dinner not happening?

An hour later (about 9:15pm) I get a text saying my family and ex came over to celebrate our daughter's birthday so calm down (her birthday is Tuesday).

I have not sent a reply yet. Because I am annoyed. Not because they're celebrating her birthday but because all he had to do was text. Just tell me whats going on like a normal person.