Mindy • I like my puns intended.

Anyone else feel overly exhausted???

I’m 6 weeks pp, and I’m tired ALL THE TIME. Minute I wake up till the minute I go to bed and everything in between.

I’ve got a 3 year old I feel like I’m failing because I’m too exhausted to move off the couch. My newborn sleeps pretty generously during the night, up maybe twice for feedings but right back to sleep till 7ish and then we doze still till about 11am.

My husband takes care of our toddler all morning for me till he goes to work at 1pm, and I just feel like I can’t get it together.

I’m trying to keep up with housework during ANY sort of energy I muster up. But then I’m DONE.

I’m not spending hardly any quality time with my son because I’m so tired, and I literally breakdown when I think about it because I feel absolutely awful for him.

All I want is energy. I want to take walks with the kiddos, granted it’s been 110 degrees lately (NO JOKE) so we are staying inside. And we aren’t having anyone over or going anywhere. I want to start eating healthy and cooking meals, but I can barely muster up the energy to cook dinner for my little man, much less my husband or myself.

Is this normal or should I see a doctor? Will my energy come back? Anyone else feeling the same and want to commiserate? 😔