I realized i could have been raped by a pedo

I was 13 when I met this guy, he talked to me first in a concert, need to say that he was the one who asked for my name , I was not alone I was with my cousin she was +20 at that time and she was always protecting me, well, he asked my for my fb (now it’s been 4 years that I dont have one) that night when the concert was over I was walking to our car and I felt he followed me, and made some noise to make me notice that he was there, I had no experience with guys I was a virgin and innocent I was a child, he then said oh hi are you leaving? And I said yeah then he said well I’m going to be here for a while hope we see each other. I thought that was just him being friendly well that night he talked to me , we talked about music nothing else, then he started talking to me more and more (he was +20) didn’t hit the 30’a yet but still. That was the only time I saw him in person, time went by and I met my husband when I was 14 we used to hang out and everything and this guy was there (he had a band so he was always at concerts) that time it was raining so the concert was really a mess me and my husband decided to go home and he said what are you doing guys after today? I said well going home (with my parents) so he was kinda into going we said yas, he was not te only one going. Well, when my husband met him knew there was something wrong with him, he never liked him, and even told me it was not because he was jealous or something it was because he didn’t fell right about him. Well, then, he didn’t used to talk a lot to me I didn’t care because I have always been in love with my husband , really in love since I met him I didn’t care about any other man , so this dude started to call me, and I was no sure to answer but anyways, I did, he used to ask me about me and my husband like how we doing and whenever I said fine he be like yeah I feel happy for you but you should hang out with other guys meet new guys, and I was like wtf I don’t want to (I was 15 at that time). You might think like why you realized until today , well, thing is I was watching a video about Dahvie Vanity and I read all the comments on that video and there was one that hit me really hard “Never trust someone who said your mature enough for you age” pffff, those were the same words he used to tell me , now I have a 2 year old daughter and it makes me sick to think that any guy way older than her would try to be her friend, why the hell a +20 year old guy would like to be friends with a 13 year old girl? Before meeting my husband I remember one conversation when he said “when we get married” I was like dude wtf, he used to saved my pictures, no nudes, just pictures , in front of my husband he said one day “you are so pretty you look like a model” , sometimes he would go to my home just to say hi, I was never alone, my mom and sister and my dad or my husband were always there always, I feel really grateful because I was never alone , I couldn’t imagine what he could have done to me, last time I saw him he surprised me at my home with my daughter and my parents , he didn’t know I had a daughter because I blocked his number plus I didn’t used the same social media that he used , he was so surprised , that was the last time we talked and I saw him, today I received a request on Instagram I knew it was him because of the picture, but he changed his name, there was 3 pics and 0 followers or 0 following , I didn’t accept the request because I couldn’t believe that today I realized he was a pedo and then he comes back into my life like nothing ever happened? Some of you might think this is bullshit but trust me, just think about it, there’s nothing normal with a +20 guy who wants to be friends and even talks about marriage with a 13 year old girl. I was never sexually abused but it could have happened. If you have any daughter or son, please play attention who they talk to, never leave them alone. And once again, NEVER TRUST SOMEONE WHO SAYS YOU ARE TO MATURE FOR YOUR AGE. . I just needed to vent because I told my husband I realized this he was really supportive and told me he always wanted to protect me, because it was not right , he’s two years older than me, and he was always there protecting me , he told me today he was not mad at me and that it wasn’t my fault because I was only fucking 13. I want to throw up so bad, I don’t know how to feel