Need Advice

Ok so ever since i brought up the fact that I could be pregnant because I’ve been waiting for my period to come and it’s almost a week late now . My boyfriend has been acting completely off, not talkative or concerned about my well being at all. Basically like on a normal day if we’re laying in bed he will be more engaging. And now it’s like he barely looks at me and just simple does not care about me.

And let me add I’ve had a couple pregnancy scares before. And he acted very excited and loving (Hence we’ve been together over 5 years) but this time I really have a feeling that I actually am pregnant and he’s acting like a straight up “A**Hole”

Any suggestions on what I should do maybe to knock some sense into him or better yet myself ? Maybe I should leave back home to my family or something but I just can’t even focus on myself and this potential baby with him acting like that it’s really getting to me :,(