Confused and nervous


My partner and I have told no one about the pregnancy as we had a chemical back in January and just wanted to take our time.

I’m due to be 10 weeks today and have my first nhs scan on 29th July. We had an early one to check for location etc at 6w4d and we saw a flicker heart beat and small baby with yolk sac.

I’m so worried about a missed miscarriage. Some days I have no symptoms for a while and then all of a sudden by the afternoon I can have them. Other days I’ve been so tired and nauseous and then some I’ve felt ok. I’ve not been sick which is lucky. I have food aversions but no real cravings. I am very emotional.

I know I just have to wait it out but as the 29th approaches I feel more and more worried about going in for the scan. Think I’m just looking to express my thoughts today!