Help please

So I’ve been on the pill for a year now and it was literally hell I was getting periods more and they were more heavy.

It was making me feel depressed and my mood swings where worse.

So I decided to stop taking it because I was angry most times and was crying all the time I was so emotional and I just got sick of it.

So I stoped taking the pill about two weeks ago now and honestly I my emotions are everywhere I am honestly lashing out at everything even when someone talks to me I just get angry and when I’m home alone I cry and just every small word someone says to me I get emotional. I feel worse then I did when I was on the pill and I’m starting to regret getting off the pill. I don’t know what to do my emotions are starting to effect my mates when I’m around them and I feel bad that I get angry at them for no reason. Should I go back on the pill? Because it’s only been two weeks of being off it and I’ve never felt so shit in my life