What can I do? - No birth control works for me!


Hi guys - Just a little backstory.

I started on birth control in February of 2019, and it was the mini pill I started with - I wasn’t a huge fan so I then switched to the depo less than a month later, I was on the depo for a few months and then i HAD to come off of it, it was way too much for me. Following this I had started the mini pill yet again in October, flash forward to today, month long periods, the absolute worst period pains of my life - I can’t handle it, throughout my whole experience my periods have gone from being consistent once a month for 5-7 days to inconsistent month long periods.

I have no idea what to do. - the implant and coil won’t work for me and I’m also allergic to condoms. Along with all of this I battle with vaginismus, it’s gotten better over time but it’s still enough to be warranted. - I just feel like I’m not meant to have sex... it really brings me down.