Need advice

How do you know if it's the right decision to keep your child from someone? It's a super long story but I'm going to summarize. I come from a huge family but my husband doesn't, it's literally just his parents that are around us. His dad is an alcoholic, recently came back from rehab but I do not think that it did anything for him. In addition to that he is very controlling and has a terrible attitude, and talks about very inappropriate things in front of us all the time that make me uncomfortable. we've told him before that we do not want our child around drinking and that if he continue to do so that he would not have a relationship with her. he was gone for a month and a half and left us in a really shit situation to handle his stuff without any guidance (he has rental properties). He was originally scheduled to not be back until September when she's due but he came back early. He has not once asked about how we are and how the baby is. My husband was bragging about all the work he and my dad did in the babies room and he was more interested talking about the floors than asking or saying "oh, how's the baby? Or oh that must've been nice to get the room ready for her." Nothing. He knows if he drinks he won't have a relationship with her, but supposedly as of now he isn't drinking but we don't really know. I'm curious if he doesn't care or if it's just that he has the mindset of well if I don't get to see her then I'm not gonna ask about her, which is worse. We're not saying he can't ever be involved but we have to play it by ear for our daughters safety. Any words of wisdom or advice? :/ I feel bad Because my husband's family is limited, but if it were anyone in my family it'd be the exact same. My husband is on the exact same page but it's still tough.