Should I feel upset and just not care?


So my boyfriend and I are 20 years old. We have been 5 years together. He’s cheated in the past so it’s been a struggle with trust but it’s gotten better. Recently he told me he got invited to a friends bday party. There will be drinks and girls obviously so when he told me he would be going with his guy friend I was kinda of iffy and got worried but then I said okay fine, I don’t see a problem if he can go to a party and be around females then I should be allowed to go drink with my friends. He didn’t like that so he told me to not go and that he won’t go to the party. Then he was telling me that it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to go in the first place because he doesn’t wanna cause fights or have me worrying about him cheating and stuff. He also said that there was gonna be lots and lots of females. Then he even said that he looked so much better than his friend so he implied that he’d get many girl’s attention. So because of what he said I started worrying again. And now he tells me fuck it that’s hes gonna go after having said all that. I feel upset should I ?