Drive By Baby Shower!

Brenna • 🌸🎀🌸

Just wanted to share the beautiful shower my mom threw for me! I’m so grateful for such amazing friends & family! For the longest time we didn’t know if we’d be able to have a shower because of everything going on, but we had such a nice time.

My mom, a couple friends & I sat out on the lawn under a tent and waved and said hello from a distance as guests drove by. They built me a balloon arch and decorated my house with pink decorations! We still had a diaper raffle (which helped SO much because now we are set on diapers for awhile!!) with a prize for the winner that was a basket of spa goodies “From our shower to yours” and a table for gifts which we opened later that night on Facebook live on a Facebook group of invited people that could comment and see us open what they sent! We got absolutely everything we needed which was amazing! Plus I wasn’t sure how many would actually drive by, but we had about 35 cars come by and we’d invited 80 (some out of state family) we had a lot of people tell us how this way was so fun and made them feel more comfortable rather than having to decide to show up to a party or not.

I made a blog post about everything and where the decor & outfits are all from if anyone wants to check it out for inspiration! Highly reccomend drive by if you’re on the fence about having a shower at all! it’s the latest post! Or @BrennainBliss on Instagram!