First signs of preeclampsia

Samantha • After 2 years of heartache and 1 miscarriage we welcomed our baby girl on 8/31/20 💗🌈

I’m just curious how it started for anyone who has had it or currently has it. I’m 31 weeks.

I have been feeling just all around junky today- nausea and vomiting this morning with lots of heartburn and nausea throughout the day. Been having a ton of joint pain for a few days with on and off swelling. Some cramping all around my stomach and some dizziness here and there.

I did go in to the doctor today to be checked but my doctor wasn’t there and the NP never really has much to say about anything. They said my BP was a little high but no proteins in my urine and I wasn’t swollen when I was there so they ordered some bloodwork and a urine culture to rule out infection.. but they didn’t tell me if I should be concerned that this could be the start of preeclampsia.. they just told me to go home and get some rest and put my feet up and drink lots of water.

So I’m just curious if anyone has any experience to share with me.