Supposed big baby


So I have a question for everyone out there if you have experienced this and what the outcome is I'm having a super hard time comimg to terms with this.

So I have had 2 ultrisounds done in the past two weeks one at 37 weeks which concluded my babies estimated weight was 11 lbs 6 oz. I had another done the following week at 38 and it estimated her to be 10 lbs 6 oz. So my doctor of right now has scheduled me for a C section this coming up Tuesday because she thinks she is to big for me to deliever naturally.

My actual doctor I first started seeing has been out for surgery so I have been seeing another in that office. I really do not like this doctor she has a horrible bed side manner and she was extremely rude to me our last appointment because I was expressing my concern that is it possible that the baby really is going to be this big. She was pretty hateful and is full on against me even trying natural first then go to our last resorts. Granted I know it is my choice but I dont want to take the chance of hurting my baby delievering naturally or stressing her out really bad if she is to big.

I do not have any medical conditions and no one in my family that I know of has had big babies like this on either me or my husbands side. I'm also 18

I'm just really disappointed I wanted to have a unmedicated natural birth but now I'm just finding out that I'm not going to not only not have natural birthing experience but I'm going to be numb and cut open and have a catheter. I just dont know what to do because I know these ultrisounds can be unpredictable and am super concerned I'm making the wrong decision in just going through with the c section.