Kidney infection 🥴


Hey you guys! I’ve had such a difficult week. Well, last Wednesday I started having this pain in my side that got progressively worse. By Friday, I also had a fever. I didn’t think they were related at first and I thought it was just gas pain. I was really struggling for like 5 days, consistent fever and pain and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better. So, I finally went to the ER on Tuesday and it turns out that I have a kidney infection. A UTI that seemed unproblematic spread up to my right kidney. So, they put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I’m not feeling much better yet but hopefully the meds will kick in soon. It also really sucks because I have the symptoms of my infection and then pregnancy symptoms on top of that. I’m 11w3d and my appetite sucks because of the fever so not eating triggers my nausea so bad. 😔 I’m grateful that the baby is okay and I know what the issue is now so it’ll be fixed soon. I’m just having a really hard time.