Hi ladies. I been using this app since my second time being pregnant which unfortunately ended up being a MC @ 9-10weeks in 2018. I love this app for many reasons.. but anyway to the point lol I notice a few time with my pregnancies (I had 3 MC’s) and one successful pregnancy outta of the craziness which I gave birth in October 2019 to a beautiful baby girl. For every pregnancy scare or actual pregnancy I used a combo of blue dye and pink! Let me say this.... WALMART brand gives crazy Evaps I believe their is a little purple in color ... for me personally I do not use them.. blue dye NEVER gave me indents or evaps EACH time they were always faint or an obvious line. Lol I see women post blue dyes and immediately everyone jumps to say test with pink!! Everyone is different. I am pregnant currently again about 6-7 weeks and on all my blue dyes (different brands) it popped up but when I tested (before missed AF) on pink it did not show not even on FRER! so have faith , trust your body ladies. Baby dust 🥳❤️