Can I fix this??

Monday I walked out of counseling twice bawling my eyes out, simply because for the hundredth time he was sitting in there saying well she does this she does that if I don’t do this WHAM! She goes off on me she reacts this way

I’ve been listening to it for two years and every time I hear it I’m thinking who is he talking about?  I know he’s talking about me

He says I like to play it off like I’m innocent and I do nothing wrong and he’s to blame for every single thing

I have never once in counseling sat there and talked about him let alone talked about him and his reactions and what he does and says etc. it’s always about me me me me me me me me me

Today I texted my husband

I said I feel so much pain and hurt, the last two years I’ve been sitting in marriage counseling listening to all my faults and all my negatives. It makes me feel like I’m not a whole, I said I feel sad.

I have attached screenshots of his responses

Which was wrong because I guess he is right when he says in counseling everything is my fault I start all arguments She reacts this way so it makes me feel this way and apparently my feelings are wrong

now I feel like I’ve done something wrong because he is feeling this way

Can I fix this?

He’s in the gray and I am in the color

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