Where to change her? PLEASE READ

S 💝

I bought a changing unit which has wheels so that I can bring it with me to the bathroom when I will need to bath her and keep it in my room at night for the changing. It’s mobile so I can just drag it with me where and when I need. It comes with a lot of spaces to put nappies, creams, wipes and all the bathroom accessories. I have a month now to return it, if I want. The alternative is to put a changing mat on her dresser, which is a cheaper solution...but her dresser is going under the window which has a wood frame that sticks out a little so it’s not the best when she will start to move and roll. I will also need to buy an hanging organizer to put things and I won’t have a place in the bathroom to put her, apart from my legs. So.........the changing unit, which seems very useful and handy but it’s also big and takes a lot of space (102x54x82 cm) and it costs $80, or a mat on her dresser?? Thanks

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