Wtf! I need advice!!!

Ok guys. I need the best of the best advice/knowledge. Give me what u got! So Father’s Day my boyfriend and I got a little carried away and decided not to use the “pull out” method. Well I go to my app to log and notice I’m at a high risk for pregnancy. No biggie I decided I’d go get the plan B pill. Well time got in a crunch, I didn’t make it to the pharmacy and the next day the same thing happened. 😫. Well! I DID make it to the pharmacy within the 72 hr window and swallowed the “no babies here” pill and BOOM! I’m good right? Well let’s hop two weeks out...I’m due for my period. She doesn’t come...two days later...still not here 😱 I read that the plan B can delay your period so I calm down and let Mother Nature due her job. A WEEK later...still no period. NOW THE PANIC!!!! Two NEGATIVE 😁 preggo test later. I breathe. But here’s the plot twist. A week after the already week late period...I finally come on and NOW. IM 12 days in AND STILL BLEEDING!!!!! WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Has this happened to anyone else??? Is this a side effect of the plan B? Should I got to the hospital lol? Seriously. I’m freaking out!!! FYI. My periods have NEVER been longer than 5 days. HELP!