Feeling self conscience

So i know my husband loves me more than anything but he also knows he can be shallow which i knew as well. Im heavier which doesnt bother him but i have a few moles on my back and my arm and one on my jaw line that bother him which i wasnt aware of till last. Night when he was drinking.  . The one on my chin always bothered me so yesterday i went and had it excised. I guess this is what brought up the other ones i have that he doesnt like. Im going thursday to have them burned off of my back and arm. My question is... Would you change something that was easily fixable to make your SO happy? Im not the most gorgeous person but im not ugly and my SO being a photographer he is more about looks than if like so knowing he chose me im flattered. I just want him to be happy. Dont get me wrong my hubby loves me more than he does himself and i dont think he even knows he said it considering he was a lil tipsy lol and Im not gonna tell him. Its kind of a gift for him without making him feel bad.