I feel trapped

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years next month . He’s been cheating on me the whole time we’ve been together. We have 2 kids together. I haven’t been perfect our whole relationship but I stepped out on him a couple times . I was on the you cheat I cheat thing. He would record himself having sex with different women and it would be the second time I found his videos posted on porn websites. He would also send money to different women. We are in a lease that’s not up till October but I want out now .. He keeps making me feel bad about leaving this relationship. He says things like I just want to talk to other men etc. That’s not the reason I want to leave this relationship. I don’t love him as much as I use to . Everything he do even the little things pisses me off . I’m stuck and I feel so depressed. I just want to work on myself and be a better mother for my children but he’s making it so hard on me financially and physically. Idk what to do 😩