I feel like my dad wants to see my life fail

I feel like he wants to see my life go south

He gets annoyed when I go away on weekend trips with my boyfriend. Who by the way, is the kindest, nicest, sweetest man I’ve ever met.

He treats me so so so well.

My dad is controlling, a dick, can be absolutely horrible and abusive to me my mom and my brother. Rude, manipulative AND he is the BIGGEST GASLIGHTER. If you think Trump is a gas lighter you don’t know my dad.

He also worships trump so I will leave it at that.

He’s always been abusive and it’s amazing to see him squirm when I am happy and with my boyfriend. He always says “well you can go live with him then, or you’ll be divorced sooner or later” he’s just awful.

He says I’m abusive for leaving a cup on the sink? He says I’m never going anywhere. He has always talked down to me. Ever since I was 6 years old he has always told me the day I turn 18 he will drive me away kick me out and if he never sees me again it would be the happiest day of his life”

I never did anything to deserve that. I never drank, smoked, and always got good grades. I may have occasionally talked back but that was it. He would say things like i wish I can leave you and your mother because my life would elevate but you guys could never make it on your own.