Please help me! My face is horrible 😞


Hi ladies. I’ve been dealing with this since February and I don’t know what to do. I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve always had acne but never like this. I usually get it before my period, like hard balls under my skin. I perfectly remember that for my February period my acne simply didn’t go away. It was frustrating and I hoped it would go away with my next period, but it didn’t. I brushed it off, and didn’t pay too much attention, however I did start to wash my face more often and use wipes for acne. This is my face in March:

This, was my face 4 weeks PRIOR:

Maybe you can’t really see it, but it was FLAWLESS. I hate makeup, so I never wore any for work whatsoever, therefore my acne was giving me confidence issues. Makeup somehow helps my acne dry and go away faster most times so I started wearing makeup but no luck. I asked for help to my Dr. and they prescribed gels only. They BURNT my skin. Second time I used the gels I was in so much pain and my hands were extremely dry too. Here’s a pic after a day at the beach, but with a little bit of sunscreen and sunshine. I was in SO MUCH PAIN

Literally after 3 days I discontinued the product. I started using more OXY products like wash and wipes, but they also kept burning my skin or making it super dry. My skin is sooooo sensitive! I even tried taking GROUND RATTLESNAKE supplements. I kid you not! And they don’t seem to be helping. I contacted my Dr again and told her my situation and she said to reduce the dose or just get used to it until my face doesn’t burn because “acne medication takes time to work”. I was so mad. I have a non hormonal IUD and didn’t want to take the pill, but I will start it tomorrow in hopes that helps. I was my makeup brushes often and I wash my face as soon as I get off work. I remove my makeup. There’s just NO DIFFERENCE and I don’t feel comfortable anymore unless I cover myself in makeup, which is not me 😭. Are there any tips you guys can give me? I’m switching insurance but I would love to see a dermatologist to address these issues professionally ASAP. Every month it just seems like my acne gets worse. My body is fine; it’s literally just my face.

Currently my face looks like picture 1 basically.