Anxiety through the roof right now

Please let me know if this isn’t the right group to post this in and I’ll delete it. Idk where else to go to post this and get a response.

I just had a baby almost 12 weeks ago. I was working full time but now I’m not going back to work because of COVID. I’m so scared to put my baby into daycare this young. I had unpaid maternity leave. My baby’s father is my boyfriend and he works 80-90 hours a week. We don’t live together but he sends me money for my rent and bills so I can stay home with the baby. He works a few hours away from here but sees us on the weekends. Right when I had the baby I applied for government assistance and I got $355 in food stamps, $241 in temporary cash assistance, and me and my baby got full Medicaid. The insurance I had before was BCBS that was $500 a month. So I cancelled that back in May whenever I got approved for Medicaid.

Well now I got a letter in the mail a couple weeks ago asking that I put the child’s father on child support or they would be taking away all my benefits. I live in Florida. Obviously I’m not going to do that because we’re together. We’re just not married and we don’t live together at the moment. My boyfriend makes enough to pay for himself and my bills but nothing more. I really depended on that, especially the food stamps and Medicaid. I knew the cash was only temporary but it really really helped with things like house items, diapers and wipes. I get WIC but it only covers the baby’s formula and I don’t get any food benefits because she’s on a hypoallergenic formula. So since it’s more expensive they took away other benefits I would’ve gotten.

So now I wake up today to a notice from DCF saying no more cash assistance, my food assistance is $190 a month now and I no longer have Medicaid for myself because I didn’t cooperate with child support. I’m beyond anxious about all of this and have no idea how I’m going to make ends meet. I also need to see a GI doctor on the 12th because I have a chronic anal fissure (ulcer) from giving birth. And who knows how expensive that’ll be without insurance! The job I just left doesn’t provide insurance, and most jobs in this area just don’t.

I have no idea what to do. I guess I need to put my baby into daycare and go back to work so I can still barely afford things and be apart from my baby. I can’t believe they just took everything away from me. Florida really doesn’t care about helping and I have no idea what to do next