What are your fears for this pregnancy?


So I’m the type of person with a high pain tolerance but I also describe pain as a discomfort, not actual pain. My fear is that since this is my first pregnancy, I won’t know what a contraction feels like and I’ll be in labor for a while without even knowing it. I know people say that I’ll know when I feel a contraction because of how painful it is but honestly I’ve broken a bone before and thought I was fine for a few days until my foot started to swell 😅 I’ve also had to have a dentist drill into my teeth and ask me if I was ok because I didn’t have any anesthesia on it and my only response was, “yeah I’m good. It doesn’t hurt it just feels a little weird. Sort of like when you hit your elbow on something.” He had to explain to me that that was pain 😂 ultimately my fear isn’t really not feeling the contractions but giving birth not at the hospital. Lol.

What are your fears?