I really need advice ...


Story time so my bf and I last year broke up in may, we ended in good terms it was long distance he’s in Cali I’m in Atlanta! no bad blood. My best friend from Canada was coming to the USA to go on a trip to Florida we were supposed to go but... I needed to pay for school. I know I was wrong by not communicating correctly I should have told her I wasn’t going to be able to go sooner. I really do regret that. She got very upset with me and didn’t respond to my calls or texts. I still planned to meet with her I even reserved a spot at the cheese cake factory but she didn’t respond. This was like the end of June.

My birthday came early July and on a game I saw that my ex divorced me on the game and married her. I was like ouch and she posted him sending he presents. I thought ouch ! Is she trying to get back at me by getting with my ex. I did not want to believe that.. because she was there from the start?? Well I didn’t entertain it and November came.. a mutual friend messaged me one thing lead to another And my best friend or so called best friend asks to speak. I said sure I was expecting her to apologize or say something about what she did but she kept denying that she liked him or was in a relationship with him. I asked myself why do I care it’s because I still had feeling for my ex we were together for 3 years.. he was my first love. Well December came I finally got the story! Turns out she caught feelings for him but he wasn’t over me. They exchanged some pictures and things. That hurt but I couldn’t be super mad at him because we were not together. Time passed :/ I missed my best friend so I spoke to her friendly. March came my ex came to see me for the first time in person. It was great I got sus I’d did commit the no no and went thru his phone and convos with her nothing was there he didn’t speak to her since the beginning of nov. July 2020 came and he flew out again for my birthday I posted it on my snap my so called best friend thought that was our first time meeting. Apparently she cried and fell into a state of depression. She said that she felt used for pictures? I don’t understand she could have said no? Then she didn’t have to go after my ex but she swears that it wasn’t like that? I don’t see how it was not like that? What should I do? Please help