Upcoming Event

Hi all,

This is my first time posting and I’m hoping for some advice. My close friend is getting married in mid-September in Nashville, TN. She will be supplying masks for anyone who wants to wear them and has no plans to postpone or cancel. I will be about 19 weeks pregnant at that point and I am having anxiety surrounding COVID19 and a lot of my family doesn’t think it’s a good idea to attend due to risk (Nashville has had a lot of cases). I am going to ask my OBGYN her opinion but thought I’d turn here from advice from my peers. Any thoughts or anyone else dealing with something similar? Thank you in advance!


Thanks everyone!! This is all great advice. I haven’t formally announced my pregnancy so she doesn’t know I’m pregnant. For all I know, she’d tell me to hang back but it just feels crummy, of course. It’s hard to predict this virus... but I’d say it’s unlikely it’s all going to be better in seven weeks. 😒