Nuva ring vs combo pill

I’ve had copper and hormonal IUDs but my body rejected them

I started the nuva ring a few days ago and I’m not sure how well it’ll work for me I’m considering switching to the pill. My main goals are controlling my acne and preventing pregnancy, I’m worried about how effective the pill will be for me because I got pregnant on it and got an abortion

But I also didn’t wait the 7 days I was supposed to which is totally my fault

But now I’m extremely paranoid

The nuva ring seems to be causing a lot of irritation down there.

How effective is the pill vs the ring? I really don’t want another unplanned pregnancy

This time around I will be perfect with my pill

Taking it at the same time everyday

My boyfriend doesn’t pull out and we don’t use condoms because they really irritate me and make me swell up a bit