Boyfriend vs Roomate

So I have a roommate (who is my cousin) who is a nurse but is also going out to see friends and stuff during this pandemic. She already caught the virus once and I’m worried she will catch it again (she can’t stay at home for too long). I have already talked to her about this but she does whatever she wants anyways. She wear a mask and stuff but still.

My boyfriend recently had someone close to him pass away from the virus so he is on the edge right now. We are in a long distance relationship so he is constantly asking where I’m going or if the people around me have been quarantining.

I have moderate asthma so I have to be careful. But it’s starting to get stressful dealing with my cousin and my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is telling me to move out and stay with family until this is over but I pay rent and that’s not stopping.

I’m not sure what to do at this point.